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I released a new chrome extension today, Share Counters, to get detailed social and web metrics of any web page.

Share Counters on chrome web store


Since few years now, I try to get better insight about the web pages I visit:

Here is the kind of question I am asking to myself:

  • Is the web page popular?
  • Was the page correctly socialized based on the overall website popularity?
  • What is the social network that works better for this kind of page?
  • Do this page is an opportunity for me to increase my social reputation? The opportunity is when a web page worked very well on most social networks, but was never shared on one of them. Sharing it can increase your social reputation (from a computer algorithm stand-point).

To get a response to those questions, I need:

  • The number of shares, tweets, likes, stumble for the major social networks
  • The global rank for the website, as the Alexa rank

I compared the extensions available and my conclusions are as follow:

  • All the extensions are difficult to read when I wanted to have a quick idea of the social influence of a page. Confusing display, repeated information, extra metrics no one would never need.
  • No extension could display twitter counter properly
  • Most are slow, connecting the data provider one after one I assume

A new extension to track social metrics

Based on that I  decided to create my own Chrome extension – not a big deal for a web apps developer.
I had the following points in mind:

  • The extension should be fast and compact – if I want to use it. I know that waiting for something, or having a busy screen is not my thing.
  • The total number of shares, as well as the individual shares counters should be visible for Facebook, Google+, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest or Linked-In.
  • The overall Alexa website rank should be visible
  • A metric to evaluate the socialization of the page (page reach)
  • I should be able to share the current page with a click on the social icon in the extension

The result looks as follow:

Page Reach

The page reach is a percentage determined by the ratio between the number of shares for a post and the popularity of the website.

When the value is at 100% the page got what we could expect for a page on this website. When the page is just posted, the percentage starts at 0%.

You can use this information to make sure your own web pages are correctly socialized, or to help socializing the ones that you think deserve it.

The extension is available on the chrome web store
Share Counters on chrome web store

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