Classroom Browser

Classroom Browser allows teachers to share web links with the students, without breaking the dynamics of the classroom. Focused on one function – pushing web links to student’s devices – this app allows to keep student’s attention and engagement .
Classroom Browser is an app available for Android, iOS, Chrome, Windows and MacOS, and was experimented by various teachers with hundred of students. As a result, the feature was implemented in Ormiboard.

Teacher App

Getting started is easy for a teacher:

  • Download the app
  • Create a classroom
  • Share the classroom pin number with the students
  • Browse the web and push web links as needed

Then, the possibilities are end-less. Classroom Browser support any web based document, poll or activity, but also provides links for the main uses cases, as visible in the screenshot below.

Student App

The student install the app, then type the pin number. No more step is needed.

  • The student will receive any weblink shared by the teacher within the same session (PIN)
  • The student can navigate within the shared links, but cannot navigate elsewere. This means that the student’s browser is safe of the youngest students.

Key Values

Classroom Browser is focused on one feature, and the result is something surprisingly easy to understand and to use.

  • Very easy to get started – Focus on one single feature
  • Universal – as the web is universal
  • BYOD friendly, with the client app supporting all major OSs (Windows, Android, Chrome, MacOS and IOS)

Uses cases

As Classroom Browser can share any web link, teachers can use it to share online content, PDF files, lessons, activities, wikipedia documents and much more.

  • Push a lesson
  • Push a document, including online PDF
  • Run pools and exams
  • Share maps
  • Push activities
  • Chat
  • Collaborate on documents, spreadsheets

The Classroom Browser dedicated blog delivers more information, including many resources that can be used by the teachers during the classroom.

In addition, provides additional valuable resources.

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