EXO UI with universal applications store

EXO UI is an application layer enabling quick access to universal web apps. The apps can be downloaded from an application store, with one click or touch.

3 major version of EXO UI was developed, before being integrated into educational apps.

Version 1.0

The EXO UI version 1.0 was developer specifically for the EXOPC Slate.

The challenge was to provide a good touch experience on an early Atom based windows tablet (the first available in a Microsoft Store). The touch panel was slow, the CPU was slow, and the HTML rendering engine was slow – but the EXO UI was able to deliver the expected experience.

Here is a nice article about the EXO UI from my friends at Engadget:: EXOPC Slate Hands-on.

Brad from Liliputing was nice enough to do a video review of an early beta:

The app was composed of:

  • The grid of icons, to launch apps
  • An application store, to allow the user to download apps
  • Various apps and games for family use

Version 2.0

With the success of the original EXOPC Slate, some parters as Motion Computing asked for more corporate apps, to meet with their customers needs.

So the version 2 added the following key features:

  • One click app publication
  • Templates to create connected web apps in minutes

In addition, a very easy publication tool was added to allow submission and approval of third party application. Publishing an application was as easy as uploading a file.


Version 3.0

With the decline of the Windows OS and the rise of the mobiles, the EXO UI was made compatible for new OSs: MacOS, iOS, Android, Chrome.

The challenge was to have a web based UI running nicely on all the native browsers, on any form factor: from a phone to a TV, with mouse or touch input.


 After version 3, the EXO UI morphed into an educational product (ORMI, then Ormiboard)

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