The EXOPC Slate

In 2010, the iPad was about to be announced. As I was more in flavor of a desktop OS running a tablet than a phone OS running a tablet, I decided to design my own – the EXOPC Slate composed of:
– A Windows based tablet
– A touch UI on top of Windows

A community (I miss you, Exocommunity!) to support the EXOPC Slate emerged and quickly reached 33,000 active members. Major partners started to help, such as Microsoft for the distribution, Intel for the sales channels, marketing and R&D (including OS alternatives as MeeGo). Major tier ones asked to purchase the software so we started to license the EXO UI to other manufacturers. As a small startup, we could not invest to follow the demand, so the licensing model naturally replaced the hardware business – Unfortunately doing that, we loose the magics that comes when you can fine-tune both hardware and software together.

They was many articles about the EXOPC Slate. Here are some of them  that hightlight the different steps from the development to the go to market.

Engadget (all)

Lilipiting (all)

Laptop Mag (all)


Other sources


The EXOPC Slate is not supported anymore but if you need support, here are few links that may help.

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