New blog about Futurology and Retrofuturism is focused, for now, on futurology (views of the future) and retrotfuturology (views of the future from the past, often in confrontation with the reality). contains reblog, so you will find articles and media already published recently or a long time ago, but all focused on futurology.

You will have the opportunity to visit the 23rd century with the fifth element, or to see how accurate some people could be in 1925 to predict our modern cities.

The blog is aimed to be a travel in multiple futures and up to you to visit the one you like the more…

Focus on Futurology and Retrofuturology

You will meet with this animatronic was handcrafted in 2005 and has 86 movement of freedom.

You will travel in the future of Paris and New York, from the sky to the classrooms.

You will find how our vision of the future evolved…

You will also find daily key science or technology news that may contribute to shape our future.

Press release:, a blog to explore our possible futures

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