Live News – Web App Template

This web app displays a continuous flow of information grabbed from different sources (data feeds or structured web content).

You can try it out live:

The application is automatically refreshed as new content is found. The maximum time for any new element found on the web to be displayed on the end user screen is under a minute.

Client App

  • Universal app that can run in any modern browser
  • Can be embedded in containers or web pages
  • The latest content is loaded once then the update are downloaded from the server
  • The refresh rate between the client and the server is 10 seconds
  • Instant search to find results within the data feeds


  • Scan thousand of headlines every minute
  • Make news available for client app as soon as found – within a minute timeframe
  • News sources are mixed as much as possible for a nicer result for the end user
  • Repeated news are avoided
  • Image thumbnail is generated from the source and saved to the server

The innovation

One of the key aspect of this application is the continuous update of the feed for the end-user, without the need of refreshing the page.
This continuous stream can alimented with thousand of news per minute.

  • High scalability – database less architecture enabling high refrehs rate with low CPU and bandwidtth use.
  • Low server-to-client refresh rate due to compact data model and an enphasis on the client-side logic
  • 0 memory leak client-side UI, allowing the app to run years without refresh

The platform is being used to do researches for daily reports generation to summarize the information processed during the day.


As shown in the image below, it is possible to embed multiple pages in a single view, to keep an eye on multiple channels.

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