Perpetual Gallery

Perpetual.Gallery is an universal web app displaying 1500 years of painting in 4K or full HD, depending on the native resolution of the device.

The 4K resolution is really supported, meaning that the images of the paintings are streamed in 4K if the display supports that resolution. The result is impressive, a museum grade experience as even the moves of the brush on the canvas are visible, thanks to the high pixels density.

The paintings are displayed one by one with the name of the author, the title of the painting, the year and the current location of the painting. A clock is also visible, but in a non intrusive way.

The app looks simple but few challenges had to be addressed to deliver a clean and optimized experience:

  • Some browser don’t support 4K easily, it was easy to miss real 4K support.
  • The painting are correctly resized in both portrait and landscape mode. To achieve that, the key spot of the image is memorized, then based on the form factor, the image is sized, cropped and centered automatically.
  • The text over the paintings required a lot of fine tuning to be visible but non intrusive.
  • Multiple resolutions to limit the bandwidth based on the device resolution.

Portrait mode may not be easy to reproduce as most TVs stands are not pivot capable, bur the result is interesting for most of the painting. Looking to a painting on a 65 inches panel in portrait really gives access to a lot of details


If your TV do not have access to a browser, a subset of the perpetual gallery is also available as a 4K video directly on YouTube.

The original web based version of the is better suited when the browser is available (better transition, lower bandwidth usage)


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