Objects Tools for Unity 3D

As I was working on multiple VR apps dedicated to the classroom, I faced some waste of time that could easily be avoided with extra tools in Unity 3D.

As Unity 3D is a major platform for mixed reality as as my roadmap was loaded with VR stuff, I decided to invest on a tool that would save my time. You will find below all the files you need to install it or to edit the code and make your changes.

Objects Tools is a native Unity 3D app that reside inside Unity 3D main UI, composed of the following elements:

  • Group Objects
  • Move to surface
  • Alignment tools
  • Duplicate
  • Click to Add objects
  • Object Replacement

(You can click on the image for more details)

Click to Add is the most efficient way I could find to add objects to the scene. Just click to add is much faster than repeating a drag and drop operation for multiple elements.

Group Objects to group selected objects under a newly created game object.

Move to Surface to move select objects to the surface of the terrain, and apply transformations: distance to ground, orient to surface, randomize altitude, randomize direction, randomize tilt, randomize size.

Alignment on the X, Y and Z axis of the selected objects.

Duplicate the selected object in the scene, and align them with a custom spacing.

Objects Replacement to replace the current selection in the scene with the latest selected prefab in the project window.

The application and source code can be downloaded here:

Just drop the folder in your project and the tools should be accessible from Unity.

Polygon Count for Unity 3D

Prior to Objects Tools, I built Polygon Count app to better optimize the scenes. Polygon Count is part of Objects Tools, but is also available as a standalone tool.

Polygon Count is available on the Unity Assets Store: Polygon Count


  • Provides the total number of polygons
  • Supports multiple selection in the hierarchy
  • Sort objects by number of polygons
  • Support AAA games involving millions of polygons
  • Responsive: change the size of the window to view more or less details.
  • Stay active all the time. Automatically disabled in play mode to be neutral on the frame rates.D

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