Submit.Expert is live

I am happy to launch today Submit.Expert, a new ad-free website aimed to help you to submit your website, blog or app to multiple places that should increase your web influence.


As most of us, I want more exposure for everything I publish. I tried almost everything possible before I decided to be more organized, to track results, and to focus on what is actually working.

Submit or not submit?

Submitting my work to multiple website was not natural for me. But after few months with almost no traffic, I had to do something.

I started to visit multiple websites where I could submit my blog, my posts or my apps. Most of them was broken, closed or very old looking. I started to submit my stuff with a special care to my wording and keywords, but I got almost no traffic from them.

However, after few weeks (maybe two months) I could see my traffic from search engines starting to grow. The links increased my ranking enough for me to popup on the first pages for some sentences.

Beyond my blog: my posts

This was a good progress, so I decided to investigate more, and I found that:

  • Submitting my posts one by one – and not my blog just one time – was efficient as I could target specific keywords
  • My press-releases was definitively a boost for my ranking and traffic – including with free distribution.

Getting organized

The point is that the websites where I submitted my work was not looking really good. The Alexa toolbar was helping me to focus on their ranking more than on their look and feel.

I built a small script to query the Alexa global rank for all the websites and press-release agencies, then I sorted the list from the lowest value to the highest.

Website, Blog or Apps

I had to submit a website, a blog, some apps and web apps. I found places where I could submit a website but not a link, or a blog but not a web app. Working with the structure below helped me to optimize my submission efforts.


For a website, it is possible to:

For a blog, you can:

For an app, the options are:

Don’t forget that Submit.Expert is free, and do not display ad. I have no referal agreement with anyone. If Submit.Expert help you, please share and comment!

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