Virtual Reality for the classroom

Most agree that Virtual Reality has a lot of potential for the classroom:

  • Virtual Reality brings real-life experience
  • Attract student’s attention, keep them focused
  • Help to explain concepts and situations

I could run a couple of experiments with my own kids, and with few students in classroom situation. Based on those first experiments, I found the right formula to match both teacher’s requirements and student’s enthusiasm.

  • Experiments should be very short, 5 minutes max
  • The teacher should be virtually present in the virtual environment, so everyone have the same experience and can share vocally
  • A solid lesson plan is required to take benefit of the experiment, otherwise the experiment just turn into a fun moment.

Connecting Ormiboard – an universal app enabling digital classroom – to Unity 3D via an asset was easy and provides the required piece, enabling students to see the teachers. The teacher control the experiment but the students are free to move: when the teacher change the location, the students follow then can walk around.

In addition, with the VR Browser app, the teacher could also keep using the Ormiboard app from within the VR environement.

The following VR applications, for Occulus Rift, was created, connected to Ormiboard and experimented by teachers and students.

Two experiences are presented in this blog:

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