VR Cartoon Experiences Pack for the classroom

VR Cartoon Experiences Pack allows teachers to provide real life lessons to young students. In different environments there will be lessons to be learned. For example one map includes traffic as it aims to teach children about looking before crossing the road. This ‘DynamicTown’ map also includes the traffic light system.

The following environments are available, each with different lessons to be teach and learned The following locations are included:

  • Modern village with traffic
  • Historical village from the iron age
  • Western village
  • Farm
  • Egypt
  • Wizards Tower with windmill
  • Airport with moving trucks, cars, planes and air balloons
  • Cave
  • Village in the Trees
  • Ice cream truck

In all of the locations, the teacher is able to run the Ormiboard mode which allows them to direct the students and walk them through the different situations for depth learning experience.

Reviews and videos

Review on VR Focus:
News Experiences Pack – Cartoon New To Oculus VR Share

Some users was nice enough do shoot videos of the cartoon pack:



You can run this app on a PC (i5 or more) and an Oculus Rift headset.

  • Unzip the file
  • Run one of the EXE file – the one containing directToRift is recommended.

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