Over the Alps VR classroom experience

There aren’t many Oculus Rift experiences that let you relax and soak in the atmosphere, but this is definitely one of them.
– The Rift Arcade

Fly 32 kilometers over the French Alps in an air balloon to discover beautiful landscapes with mountains and rocks, cliffs, lacs and rivers, villages, farms and fields. Walk inside the basket to look down and around to discover plenty of details while the balloon is moving with the wind

Over the Alps bring the classroom in an air balloon over the alps. The landscape is photo-realistic and loaded with details, that are opportunities for the teachers to explain multiple of topics.

During the balloon ride, students can move around the basket looking down and discovering all there is to find out about the Alps. Students can not only see the mountainous and rocky cliff edges but can get a glimpse of fields or villages.
The teacher, using the space bar on the keyboard can transport the students to ‘points of interest’.

Students can only see the teacher but not each others, so they can focus on the landscape.

The landscape is beautiful and this is the opportunity for the teacher to talk about geology, volcano, mountains, roads, etc.

The level of detail can be seen in the screenshot below:

You will find below some videos and reviews.

Review on The Rift Arcade:
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Review on VR Focus:
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Review on Unimersiv:
Fly over the french alps with virtual reality

Another video review:

Pedagogical aspects

Discovering human adaptations to the environment, agriculture, rurality, geology or physics from an air balloon is more engaging for students than from a classroom. A different point of view can also be helpful to understand some concepts. This application allows teachers to teach in a context. When the teacher and all the students are using the application and are connected each other using Ormiboard, student’s balloons are in sync with teacher’s balloon. The teacher can show things on the ground while providing vocal information (as usual in the classroom).

Over the Alps in Teylers Museum (NL)

The Teylers Museum is one of the major museum in the Netherlands.

The VR experience was accessible to 30,000 visitors during 3 months. Along with the ideals of the Enlightenment, Teylers wanted to encourage people to discover the world of arts and sciences:

Share the excitement of flying

One important aspect of the exhibition is that we’d like to communicate the excitement of the first flying man. Your Over the alps VR would be the ultimate chance to give our visitors (mainly families with children) that feeling of flying a balloon themselves! As we’re located very close to Amsterdam and Schiphol airport, no ‘real’ ballooning is allowed in this area.

Exhibition context: ‘lighter-than-air’ momentum

The exhibition shows in an accessible and interactive manner the cultural, social and scientific impact of seeing the ‘lighter-than-air’ momentum from the first manned balloon flight by the Montgolfier brothers in 1783, to the large balloon festivals today. The emphasis is on the 18th and 19th centuries, when ballooning was the only form of human aviation. The invention of the air-balloon made dreams and myths come true: the flying man.

Pictures of the exhibit



You can run this app on a PC (i5 or more) and an Oculus Rift headset.

  • (Please contact me via the contact page if you need the download file)
  • Unzip the file
  • Run one of the EXE file – preferingly the directToRift one.

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