VR Browser

Featured on Techradar in Best VR Browser

The VR Browser was created to allow a teacher to keep using the web based apps in VR environments, so the teacher can continue to use his tools during the live VR sessions.

The application provides a panel with shortcuts, and can support multiple browser windows, enabling productivity in VR environment. The low resolution of a VR headset is compensated with the fact you can move your head close to the screens, to benefit for the maximum resolution and a good reading experience.

In this picture, you an see the bottom panel.

  • Navigate
  • Shortcuts
  • Change the background / environment
  • Show a second browser window

The user just have to look at an option and press Space to select it.

An user made video shows the main UI with the shortcut panel in the bottom part, and the possibility to change the environment.

Please contact me via the contact page if you need the download file.

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