Identity design for a garage door sale and installation company. 

Bergtor is one of the leading manufacturers of garage doors and overhead doors in Transylvania. The company designs and manufactures superior garage doors and the related hardware systems for the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial markets.


The project visualizes the meanings of the chosen word with the use of symbolism by adding geometric elements to the letters. The most important feature of the design is that the letter 'E' in the name is replaced by three horizontal lines which is a reference to the main lines of a garage door. The visual identity is shaped by a dynamic, urban, geometric pattern. The icon displays the horizontal garage door in a stylistic way, having the intent of materializing the image of the product in its essence. Bergtor garage doors are no ordinary doors, because in this place everything has been carefully designed so that you will never regret the purchase of your Bergtor door. Bergtor guarantees the look you are dreaming of, the construction to meet your needs and the professional installation that won’t let you down. The goal is to provide its end users with absolute peace of mind and security.


graphic & web design by Erika Dávid &​ Alpár Dávid
developed by Soldigo /