Visual identity for the Association of Miercurea Ciuc's Entrepreneurs. 

The Association of Ciuc's Entrepreneurs is one of the most active and indispensable professional organization of the region Founded in 2011 with 17 member companies. It forms opinions, initiates, looks for solutions, organizes and, if necessary, helps! Support and popularization of Start-up and entrepreneurial culture, in order for young people to stay in country. Objectives is to increase the competitiveness of the region by strengthening economic relations. To represent the interests of the Member Enterprises at the local, national and international level.


The formal composition of the logo is basically a triangle. A triangle made up of parts, units (like a business). Triangles have two meanings depending on their position. Pointing upwards they represent stability and strength, pointing downwards they can become unstable. Triangles pointing upwards, in addition to stability, refer to direction (as upward development) and strength (in this context referring to the entrepreneur's market - where it represents strength/quality). The direction to the right, conveys a message of being on the move. The left of the logo refers to the set, giving space to unity. Overall: the logo is a unit that symbolises progress. The symbolism of the colours helps the form to come to life. Green is the main colour and yellow is the complementary one. Green is the colour of peace, health or closeness to nature and growth. Crossed with blue, which means trust, credibility, truth and strength, we get the unity that the form conveys. Alternatively, the yellow saturation of the arrow indicates the unity of optimism and clarity of vision, suggesting creative brainstorming as will be shown below. The choice of the tipo, together with the above, gives a solid unity. The straight lines of all its characters and the openness of its closed parts (letters a, a, o, o) can indicate the operation of any business. 


graphic & web design by Erika Dávid &​ Alpár Dávid
developed by Soldigo / www.soldigo.com