Identity design for Vámszer Géza Folk Art School. 

The Géza Vámszer Folk Art School is an innovative institution that provides a solid foundation in music and fine arts, successfully prepares students for higher education, and faithfully preserves its traditions. We have endeavoured to make our school website fully accessible and meaningful, so that our students, their parents and prospective students interested in the school can find up-to-date and relevant information about our teaching and learning activities and all aspects of school life.


Géza Vámszer, Transylvanian ethnographer, art historian, secondary school teacher. During his stay in Ciuc he carried out valuable collecting and research work. Together with his students he visited the settlements of Csík, Gyergyó, Kászon and Gyimes. With the help of photographs and drawings, he assessed the artistic values, settlement structure, folk art, farming and craftsmanship of the Szekler villages. He also played an important role in the presentation of Szekler folk costumes, folk music and folk dance in mass events.


graphic design by Erika Dávid &​ Alpár Dávid